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Guidance and no-smoking signage


Official guide to the smokefree law

The official 'Everything you need' guide to the new smokefree law is available to download below. This is the official Government guidance and explains everything businesses and organisations need to know about the new smokefree law. This booklet was also included in the full guidance pack mailed to businesses back in April.

'Everything you need' guidance (PDF, 3MB)

'Everything you need' guidance - more accessible version (PDF, 5.4MB)

Please note the more accessible PDF requires the latest version of Adobe Reader. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader here (new window)

The 'Everything you need' guidance is also available in the following languages:

Arabic (PDF, 998KB) Polish (PDF, 988KB)
Bengali (PDF, 1,1MB) Punjabi (PDF, 1MB)
Classical Chinese (PDF, 1,3MB)
Turkish (PDF,1MB)
Gujurati (PDF, 1MB)
Urdu (PDF, 3,3MB)

MP3 'audio book' version

Handy guide for businesses

In addition, the government has also produced a leaflet to explain what the law means to businesses.

Your guide to the new smokefree law (for businesses) (PDF, 532KB)

Guidance for people visiting clients in their homes

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has developed guidance specifically for people who visit clients in their homes:

Smokefree guidance for people visiting clients in their homes (PDF, 42kb)

Visit TUC ( for further guidance (new window)

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Smokefree leaflet for individuals

The Government has created information leaflets to explain how the new smokefree law affects individuals. You may want to share these with your staff, customers and visitors.

How the new smokefree law affects you (for individuals) (PDF, 516KB)

The individuals leaflet is also available in the following translated versions and formats below:

Albanian (PDF, 647KB) Latvian (PDF, 671KB)
Arabic (PDF, 711KB) Pashto (PDF, 1,5MB)
Belarusian (PDF, 673KB)
Polish (PDF, 669KB)
Chinese (Cantonese) (PDF, 939KB)
Portuguese (PDF, 663KB)
Chinese (Mandarin) (PDF, 906KB)
Romanian (PDF, 667KB)
Czech (PDF, 670KB) Russian (PDF, 671KB)
Estonian (PDF, 666KB)
Slovakian (PDF, 668KB)
Farsi (PDF, 1,6MB) Somali (PDF, 663KB)
French (PDF, 671KB)
Spanish (PDF, 663KB)
Greek (PDF, 673KB)
Turkish (PDF, 666KB)
Kurdish (Kurmanji) (PDF, 1,3MB)
Ukranian (PDF, 678KB)
Kurdish (Sorani) (PDF, 1,8MB) Vietnamese (PDF, 664KB)

Easy read version (PDF, 522KB)

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No-smoking signage

All smokefree premises and vehicles need to display no-smoking signs that meet the requirements of the law. No-smoking signs make it clear which premises and vehicles are smokefree and demonstrate that you are taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements of the new smokefree law. For further details see the guidance documents above. You can download and print compliant no-smoking signs below.

NB: It is possible that your printer may automatically resize the following images. Make sure that your 'page scaling' printer setting is set to 'none' and check that the printed format meets the criteria.

The international no-smoking symbol in both signs must be at least 70mm in diameter. This symbol consists solely of a graphic representation of a single burning cigarette enclosed in a red circle with a red bar across it.

A5 no-smoking sign for smokefree premises (PDF, 50KB)

Smokefree premises sign must be at least A5 in area (210mm x 148mm).

Symbol only no-smoking sign (PDF, 43KB)

The smaller 'symbol only' sign, which consists of the international no-smoking symbol at least 70mm in diameter may instead be displayed at entrances to smokefree premises that are:

  • only used by members of staff. providing the premises displays at least one A5 area sign, or
  • located within larger smokefree premises, such as a shop within an indoor shopping centre
no-smoking sign

You are free to design and print your own no-smoking signs as long as they meet the minimum requirements. These can be personalised by changing the words 'these premises' to refer to the name or type of premises. Some examples can be downloaded below:

'in communal parts of this building' A5 no-smoking sign (PDF, 48KB)
'in this bus shelter' A5 no-smoking sign (PDF, 50KB)
'in this cafe' A5 no-smoking sign (PDF, 50KB)
'in this doorway' A5 no-smoking sign (PDF, 50KB)
'in this hotel' A5 no-smoking sign (PDF, 50KB)
'in this pub' A5 no-smoking sign (PDF, 50KB)

The following bilingual versions of the smokefree premises signs are also available:

Arabic (PDF, 453KB)Polish (PDF, 443KB)
Bengali (PDF, 442KB)Punjabi (PDF, 444KB)
Classical Chinese (PDF, 502KB)Turkish (PDF, 443KB)
Gujurati (PDF, 444KB)Urdu (PDF, 465KB)

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Supporting materials

The materials below were developed to assist businesses and organisations to prepare for the new law and ensure compliance post July 1st.

Smokefree policy

Businesses may wish to introduce a smokefree policy to ensure that employees are aware of the new law and that they now work in a smokefree environment. It will also advise them on what they should be doing to comply with the new law.

Smokefree policy (PDF, 408KB)

Smokefree flowchart

Anyone in charge of smokefree premises and vehicles needs to be prepared to take action if someone smokes in an enclosed or substantially enclosed area. This flowchart suggests reasonable steps that could be taken to deal with smoking in any smokefree premises or vehicle.

How to deal with smoking in a smokefree place (PDF, 48KB)

Stopping smoking

A range of support and advice is available to help smokers who want to give up.

Visit for more infomation (new window)

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Ordering materials

You can no longer order Smokefree materials from this website. Please download the signage and guidance from above. Alternatively your local council may have signage and therefore may be able to help. To find your nearest local council click here (new window).

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