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Aiming High for Young People

Latest news

Aiming High for Young People: Three years on published (March 2010)
This document sets out the case for continued investment in the provision of positive activities and, how through strong leadership and partnerships arrangements, local authorities (LAs) and Children's Trusts can work with key local partners (including schools and colleges) to use the full range of budgets more effectively to achieve the greatest value for money at the same time as reaching the most disadvantaged young people in need of support.

Aiming high for young people: Three years on (Evidence Annex) published (March 2010)
Alongside Aiming high for young people: Three years on we are publishing an evidence annex that sets out recent evidence about the lives of young people today and explains how policy and practice can help them to gain the skills they need to prosper as adults. Further evidence is set out in the accompanying slide pack. These two documents will be of interest to all those involved in the planning and provision of services for young people.

Quality standards for positive activities published (March 2010)
Quality Standards for Positive Activities will help to improve the outcomes achieved by young people by setting out the characteristics of good quality provision. These will be tested during the spring/ summer through the Children’s Trust in nine local areas and the final quality standards will be published in October 2010.

Social-media toolkit published (February 2010)
DCSF have created a set of materials to help youth workers and youth-project managers communicate and collaborate with young people through social media and inspiring video content. For more information, see the Engaging through social media page.

Aiming High for Young People: A ten year strategy for positive activities, published in July 2007, sets out the Government's plans to help all young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to take part in enjoyable and purposeful activities in their free time. 

Developed in response to new evidence that participation can help the development of social and emotional skills, and to address a clear demand from young people for greater access to activities, the strategy makes 55 commitments focusing on increasing young people's participation in positive leisure-time activities.

Designed to develop new skills and raise aspirations, the strategy will ensure that young people:

Delivery of this strategy, as well as the wider programme of reforms to services and support for young people, will require the ongoing commitment of LAs and of the full range of local partners, including the third and private sectors, parents and young people themselves. At national level, its implementation will be led by the DCSF, providing a strong and more strategic leadership across Government to improve youth outcomes.

To download the ten year youth strategy, and the young people's version, Get Involved!, go to the DCSF website.

Information and resources

Guidance for local authorities on publicising Positive Activities (December 2009). 
DCSF Information and signposting project: Sharing the learning includes practical step-by-step guidance for local authorities on fulfilling their duty to secure access to, and publicise, positive leisure-time activities for young people.

Two sets of non-statutory guidance on ‘Data collection exercise on provision of positive activities’ and ‘Use of CCIS to record young people’s participation in positive activities’ (published November 2009) - includes the letter from Antony Hughes (Deputy Director, Activities and Engagement Division). 

Friday and Saturday night briefing paper

The Friday and Saturday night briefing paper sets out some of the central issues and barriers to Children’s Trusts in expanding their provision of positive activities on Friday and Saturday nights. It demonstrates ways in which local authorities are addressing these barriers and some general points for all local areas to consider when commissioning and delivering provision on Fridays and Saturdays. It is primarily aimed at those responsible for securing and managing positive-activities provision including traditional youth work, but there will be implications for practitioners from a variety of professional backgrounds and settings.

The Youth of Today
The Youth of Today, a consortium of leading youth organisations working together to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of opportunities for young people as leaders of change in their communities, was formally launched on Friday 3 July 2009 by the Prime Minister during a visit to Wolverhampton. For more information, go to The Youth of Today page.
Non-statutory national guidance on commissioning, delivery and evaluation of Positive Activities for Young People programmes
The guidance document Creating a sense of belonging brings together the learning from 15 local authority areas targeted to receive additional Positive Activities for Young People (PAYP) in 2008/09. It provides guidance to all local authorities on commissioning, delivery and evaluation of PAYP programmes in 2009/10 and 2010/11.

Transport Guidance: Supporting access to positive activities
This guidance, published in May 2009, is the result of collaborative work between the Department for Children, Schools and Familes (DCSF), the Department for Transport (DfT), the National Youth Agency (NYA) and stakeholders from local authorities and the third sector. It is aimed primarily at Children's Trusts and transport planners (although it will be a useful tool for a range of decision makers and providers at local level) to help them to address barriers to participation in positive activities by coherent planning of transport and service provision. The guidance is available to download free from ECM Online Publications.

Young people’s version now published
A new young people’s version of Aiming High for Young People, based on the Implementation plan, is now available. Published by the Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF), Activities & Engagement Division, it gives young people useful information about the commitments made within the strategy, progress made in investing in positive activities and how they can get involved.

This document is available in PDF format and can be downloaded from the ‘Associated Documents’ section at the bottom of this page (as well as from the DCSF website). Local Authorities and partner organisations may also wish to link to or publish the document on their own websites as a means of publicising their local offer.

Open Weekend
An Open Weekend is to be held on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 July. This weekend is a key milestone for local authorities and their partners in improving access for young people to Friday and Saturday night positive activities. The aim of Open Weekend is to encourage young people in local communities to make the most of what is on offer to them, finding alternatives to simply 'hanging around'.

Local Authorities are being asked to adapt their provision according to what young people tell them they want through the Youth Opportunity and Youth Capital Funds. They are also being asked to use funding streams such as Positive Activities for Young People and in some areas, Youth Capital Fund Plus (YCF+) funding too, and to draw on their commissioning powers, to ensure that positive activities extend throughout the week, particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings, when young people and communities most want and need them. For more information, visit the Open page.

myplace standard track announcement
On 4 March 2009, Beverley Hughes, Minister for Children, Young People and Families, announced the 41 projects chosen for myplace standard trackfunding, representing the next major milestone of a multi-million pound Government programme to deliver world-class places for young people to go. £180 million has been committed in the standard track of the first round, and the 4 March announcement follows on from the Secretary of State Ed Balls' announcement on 27 November 2008 of £62 million of capital investment in 21 fast track projects. For more information, visit the 'myplace' page.

Updated Aiming High implementation plan: Published 15 October 2008
For full details and to download the updated plan, go to the 'Implementation plan' page.

New guidance on The Youth Opportunity and Youth Capital Funds
Published on 8 May 2008, this guidance sets out out arrangements for LAs to deliver the two funds. Effective from April 2008, it replaces previous guidance issued in March 2006. For more information, visit the 'Youth Opportunity Fund and Youth Capital Fund' page.

Aiming High implementation plan
Published on 18 March 2008, the implementation plan sets out arrangements for implementing Aiming High for Young People; highlighting the progress to date, and describing the key actions to be taken over the next 12 months. For full details, download the Implementation plan and go to the 'Implementation plan' page.

Associated documents

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