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Change4Life – Eat Well, Move More, Live Longer

  • Last modified date:
    27 January 2010

Change4Life is a society-wide movement that aims to prevent people from becoming overweight by encouraging them to eat better and move more. It is the marketing component of the Government’s response to the rise in obesity. The campaign aims to inspire a societal movement in which everyone who has an interest in preventing obesity, be they government, business, healthcare professionals, charities, schools, families or individuals, can play their part.

The Change4Life advertising campaign began in January 2009 and in the initial stage targeted young families with childen aged 5-11 years. Since its launch the movement has grown to targeting parents of 1-4 years olds (Early Years), new parents with babies (Start4Life) and from February 2010 we will be targeting an adult audience (45-65 year old men and women).

What does Change4Life do for you?

The Change4Life advertising campaign has made the subject of weight and physical activity a hot topic and urges us to make changes to our diet and levels of activity. The campaign talks about ‘fat in the body’ rather than ‘fat bodies’ and makes clear the link between fat and preventable illnesses. It also pins the blame on modern life, which affects all of us, rather than pointing the finger at parents. Free Change4Life materials are now available for you to order or download to use to support the movement - follow the links on the right hand side of this page.

Why should you support Change4Life?

If we carry on as we are, 90 percent of today’s children could be overweight or obese by 2050. We all need to address the rise in obesity for the sake of the future health of our children. The importance of health care practitioners to the success of Change4Life cannot be over-emphasised. As trusted advisers, you are influential and many in the health service will be the first point of contact for young families with at-risk children.

We need you to get behind the campaign

You can do this simply by putting up Change4Life posters, giving out leaflets and sign-posting the public to further information.  All the information the public needs to get involved will be on the Change4Life website or they can call the helpline: 0300 123 4567.

We would also like to encourage you to use the Change4Life brand within your own healthy living communications (on your posters, leaflets and promotional items), or to use one of our sub-brands (such as walk4life or cook4life).  To this you need to  register as a Change4Life Local Supporter. Registered supporters will be sent a welcome email with a link to the Change4Life assets page, where they can access our logos, characters, and images.  Supporters are also sent regular email newsletters, which will alert them to the latest news about Change4Life.

Registration is easy - follow the link below and click on the green ‘Register now’ button.  This link goes to the Partners and Supporters area of the Change4Life website and there you can also access a range of reference materials including the Brand Guidelines, the Local Supporter Guide, Language Guidelines and Toolkits.

Change4Life Toolkits – great ideas for engaging the public

Change4Life has launched a number of toolkits which aim to help Local Supporters engage with the public and encourage them to adopt the eight Change4Life behaviours. We have worked in collaboration with experts in their field to develop these toolkits, pooling together years of knowledge and know-how that we can all use on a practical level to help engage and encourage young families. There are lots of ideas, tips, advice, editorial, posters and games included in these toolkits. The toolkits also offer safety guidance and solutions to barriers that might stop families from joining in.

We don’t anticipate that you will use all the toolkits but there may be elements in one or another that could be useful to you depending on your role. Whatever you do, we suggest you start with the Local Supporter Toolkit, especially the Local Supporter Guide, as this offers background information about the campaign aims and the eight behaviours, why we need Change4Life, what you can do to support the campaign and how to talk to parents about Change4Life.

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